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HearingLife is the largest hearing aid provider in Canada with more than 200 convenient locations nationwide. Clients are regularly surveyed to ensure satisfaction. Out of over 4,000 respondents, 99% were so happy with the care they received, they would refer a friend or loved one to HearingLife for hearing help. They are committed to customer service excellence and providing products and services in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of everyone, including people with disabilities. HearingLife is also committed to preventing, identifying, and removing barriers that impede access to their hearing healthcare facilities for people with disabilities.

Over the past number of years the number of clinics and brands being acquired have significantly increased. A rebrand to unify all clinics was undertaken in 2017. To keep consistency with HearingLife's European partners brand guidelines were adhered to with a distinct vision to express individuality. 

Davids duties and responsibilities being part of the HearingLife marketing team are the following:

Weekly deliverables:

  • Newspaper adverts
  • Flyer creatives
  • Magazine adverts/inserts
  • Promotional event artwork
  • One-off adverts

Rebrand creative:

  • Brochures
  • Clinic Posters
  • Clinic collateral
  • Signage (exterior & interior)
  • Reception banners

For more information on HearingLife please visit their website.




Clinic Posters


Clinic Brochures


Clinic Guides

Rebrand informative postcards


Informational Brochures 

Rebrand Signage